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From A Brokers Perspective The International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Market Is An Opportunity Ready To Be Taken

That is, according to leading IPMI expert and broker Andrew Apps, Head of Global Healthcare at Bellwood Prestbury.

As an increasing number of governments around the globe move to make medical insurance an integral part of the visa application process (no insurance, no visa), the demand for international private medical insurance (iPMI) has never been greater and there are no signs of this changing any time soon. So why is it that so many brokers choose not to sell iPMI? Part of the problem is perhaps fear of the unknown. A fear of local country regulations. A fear of something different.

Damian Lenihan, at leading IPMI provider Aetna International told iPMI Magazine, "IPMI can provide a strong income and revenue stream for brokers. If a customer is buying more than one type of product from the same broker, they are less likely to go elsewhere. So, by employing a consultative approach, brokers can offer more opportunities to their customers."

Accelerate IPMI Market Entry

Stuart Leatherby from IPMI major Generali Global Health told iPMI magazine, "Selling IPMI allows brokers to provide a more comprehensive solution for their customers. Most companies with over 100 employees will operate in more than one jurisdiction. They will have globally mobile employees who need healthcare protection. Offering a one stop shop solution places more value on a broker and makes it less likely that a customer will use another adviser."

If you are interested to connect with international private medical insurance underwriters and providers who are seeking to expand their international private medical, travel and health insurance global broker network please feel free to contact us. You can expect to expand your product portfolio for remote and mobile expatriates, business travellers, high net worth individuals and leisure tourists.

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