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Speak to any global provider of IPMI and they will tell you about the difficulties in building out a worldwide IPMI broker and agent network. It takes months and miles and a lot of investment to get it right. Add cultural differences, language barriers and different time zones into the mix, and the job just became a whole lot harder.

Steve Gregory at HealthCare International told iPMI Magazine, "For HCI as a small, niche operator our biggest challenge is actually connecting with the right brokers internationally. We have what I would describe as a good, solid panel of supporting brokers but we don’t have an army of development people on the ground so we have to optimise the time our people can spend in each location and really get as much face time with potential partners as possible. Invariably we rely a lot on networking, referrals and good old fashioned shoe leather and door knocking to let people know who we are and what we have to offer. So, for us, knowing we don’t have an unlimited budget to throw at panel development the challenge is targeting the right brokers and optimising the time we get to spend with them on our regular service visits."

Stuart Leatherby at Generali Global Health told iPMI Magazine, "The main challenges we face when expanding our global broker network is one of regulation and licensing. We have mentioned earlier the legal ambiguities that exist in selling IPMI products and these tend to arise due to cross-border sales, particularly when set against the group or individual’s location and where the contract is to be sited." If you are an insurer facing similar problems please feel free to connect with us and let us help you navigate the complex world of IPMI.

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